1st step

Call Statewide Bail Bonds at 1-887-341-BAIL or (887) 341-2245

Note: Know what jail the person you are trying to get out is located in and how long has the defendant been in jail.

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2nd step

Next, you need to call the bondsman and explain your relationship and the circumstances of the person currently incarcerated.

Note: You’ll need to provide any information requested by the bondsman to guarantee credibility including a valid form of identification. At this point, you will be responsible for cosigning that the defendant will appear in court; if they don’t appear, you will be liable and can be charged a hefty fine. Alternatively, if you have an insurance bond, the company will go after the bondsman, who will then go after you.

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3rd step

Prepare to secure the amount that will be needed in order to get the bond written.

Note: The fees for a bond vary ranging from 12%-13% depending on what jail the defendant is located in. If you are unable to secure the full amount, a payment plan can be negotiated with a down payment.

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4th step

If an agreement has been reached for payment, defendant's release is processed.

you can fill out these forms online to get the process started

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You may contact us at our main office in Metairie at 504-835-8300.
Your call is completely confidential.

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Our friendly professional bail bondsmen are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the State of Louisiana. Our bail bondsmen treat you with respect, meet high professional standards and subscribe to the Statewide Bail Bonds Code of Ethics.

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Upon contacting a Bail Agent he can verify with the facility if an inmate is being held, the charges and the bail amount. The charge for Bonds in the State of Louisiana is 12% except in Orleans Parish which is 13% or Jefferson Parish which is 12.5%. In addition there are release and processing fees which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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A licensed bail bondsman will assist you in getting your loved one released from custody with a minimum amount of paperwork and time – no matter what time of the day! You will only need to pay a small fraction of what the total bail amount would be, according to Louisiana State laws.

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Your local StatewideBailBondsLouisiana.com agent will guide you through every step of the bail process. We make the process simple to understand and make it easy to comply with the bail application. Don't wait any longer, let us assist you now!

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