1 Statewide Bail Bonds, LLC was established in Metairie, Louisiana by Steve Donnes, who has been in the bail industry since 1985, along with experienced legal and business professionals. Statewide Bail Bonds is a member of the Association of Louisiana Bail Underwriters which Steve serves on the Board of Directors and a member of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States.
2 In too many instances, bail bond agencies have lacked a professional image, lacked standardized service and lacked public trust, even though each licensed bailbondsman is regulated by the State of Louisiana Department of Insurance and perform in compliance with state laws.
3 Our growing team of StatewideBailBondsLouisiana.com professional bail bond agents is designed to make bail bonds easily understandable and readily obtainable. We intend to create a new higher standard for the bail industry while delivering professional, ethical, and informative bail services.
4We have written bail all over Louisiana and several other states. All of our agents are dedicated to helping our clients through a difficult process with courteous and professional service.
Let us earn your trust and business. An authorized StatewideBailBondsLouisiana.com office provides a standardized operation, superior service and instills public confidence.

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