Why Choose Louisiana Statewide Bail Bonds?

In too many instances, bail bond agencies have lacked a professional image, lacked standardized service and lacked public trust, even though each licensed bail bondsman is regulated by the State of Louisiana Department of Insurance and perform in compliance with state laws. An authorized StatewideBailBondsLouisiana.com office provides a standardized operation, superior service and instills public confidence.

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Our Toll-free # is 1-887-341-BAIL or (887) 341-2245. Your call is completely confidential.


Our friendly professional bail bondsmen are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the State of Louisiana. Our bail bondsmen treat you with respect, meet high professional standards and subscribe to the Statewide Bail Bonds Code of Ethics.


Upon contacting a Bail Agent he can verify with the facility if an inmate is being held, the charges and the bail amount. The charge for Bonds in the State of Louisiana is 12% except in Orleans Parish which is 13% or Jefferson Parish which is 12.5%. In addition there are release and processing fees which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.